Task Management for Frontline Workers

May 14, 2020  •  1 min read

We just released a new feature at WorkClout that I believe will benefit industrial Continuous Improvement Managers and Frontline Workers immensely.

We’ve spent the last few months heavily focused on the “Continuous Improvement” aspect of our product offering. However, our initial focus was primarily on the creation and management of work instructions, troubleshooting guides, and shop floor procedures.

A critical component that we felt had been missing was task-tracking. But we didn’t want to implement just another loosely-coupled kanban board. The question at the tip of our minds was: How can we provide C.I. Managers and Frontline Workers a simple tool for tracking both performance-improvement tasks (e.g., CAPA) and front-line tasks alike?

After much trial and error, we realized that this task-tracker needed to support the following functions:

  1. Continuous Improvement Manager’s duties (e.g., CAPA, compliance audits, etc)
  2. Ad-hoc or Recurring procedural tasks (e.g., safety checklists)

The result? WorkClout’s Task Assignments Feature.

We built the Task Assignments feature to bridge the gap between Continuous Improvement managers and Frontline Workers. Our tasks are versatile enough to be used for tracking CAPA workflows, yet simple enough to be used for monitoring safety, quality, and production-related parameters on plant floors.

If you’re in the manufacturing or industrial space, give WorkClout’s Task Assignments a try. You can sign up for a free trial on workclout.com. Shoot me a message on Twitter if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you: @richardgirges

Written by Richard Girges.

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